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Changcheng Environmental
Protecion Industry Co.,Ltd.
Chang Cheng Environmental Protection was established in 1999.It is supported by a world-class eco-environment think tank, high-end production and research center, smart environmental protection big data and other environmental think tanks.Rely on integrated global eco-environmental service providers, experts, polluting enterprises, local governments and other massive information resources online platforms, and supplemented by global eco-environment offline technology promotion and local operation and maintenance centers. And positively supply the development support of high-tech ecological protection and environmental management enterprise for the sustainable cause of human civilization.
Corporate Platform
Classic case
  • Jinma in Luanxian County

  • China Resources Power Holdings Co.,Ltd.

  • Longfengshan Casting Industry

  • Tianli in Shexian County

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Changcheng Environmental
Protecion Industry Co.,Ltd.
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Expert team
  • Mou Guangfeng
    Adjunct professor at Tsinghua University and former director of the Department of Environmental Impact Assessment under the Ministry of Envi...

  • Wang Xiaoping
    Biomedical, green product development, functional nutrition research and development, immunology, molecular biology, environmental ecolo...

  • Ye Zhengfang
    Doctor of science of Lanzhou University, postdoctoral and professor-level senior engineer of Peking University, director of the research cen...

  • Shen Yiyang
    Director of Green Route Capital, an expert on green finance at the China chamber of commerce for international cooperation on private econom...

  • Wang Luguang
    Secretary General of Hebei environmental protection federation Expert in water environment, ecological environment and environmental planni...

  • Li Wenti
    Former deputy director of the Hebei Water Group, professor-level senior engineer(working in the water resources department), He is an expert...

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